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Over 55% of CSBC students receive financial aid!

Our primary mission is to provide a comprehensive education to every student in a faith based environment; fostering a culture of academic excellence, moral integrity and a sense of community. By our very nature, the CSBC is mission-driven, labor-intensive, and people-oriented. To a large degree, the cost of salaries, benefits, building maintenance, and operating expenses drive the cost of a CSBC education.

The difference between the cost of education and tuition charged is currently over $3,000 per student. Additionally, not everyone who enrolls can afford the full tuition necessary to cover all expenses. Over 55% of our students receive financial aid. This, coupled with our goal to offer competitive salaries to faculty and staff and to provide desirable programs, curriculum, facilities, and opportunities is why the CSBC must ask for the support from alumni and friends of the Catholic Schools of Broome County.